Practice Areas

Family Law

Our family law department, set up in response to high demand from our clients, is supported by our tax and mercantile practices, as relationships between spouses and other close family members often cannot be separated from their financial implications.

Decisions in this regard cannot leave out fiscal aspects that need to be considered in order  to make conflict solutions feasible.

Family law is frequently seen as mere crisis management.This is not our point of view. As in the rest of our professional practice, our aim is to foresee problems,and try to avoid conflicts by entering into agreements. If this is not possible, we try to build th tools to find subsequent solutions.

Management of the inheritance process, seriouly affected by tax implication, often requires a previously formalized family protocol, that regulates the way in which the  transfer from one generation to the other will  be made.

Our expertise in the financial areas of the Law,together with our extensive litigation experience has been reinforced by the  incorporaton of a specialized lawyer in family law matters.

In this way our firm is in an unbeatable situations to meet our client's needs.