Real Estate and Urban Planning


“Advice to the real estate sector requires coordinating very different areas of law, without losing sight of the overall operation”
Alicia Fuertes FernándezPartner

Our professional practice responds to the need for legal advice of the various entities involved in the real estate industry.

The advice we provide covers the legal aspects of urban planning, soil classification, land-use attribution, planning and negotiation with competent authorities.

We also cover everything related to real estate contracting, both financial and operating lease, as well as in the real rights of use.

We have structured operations over the long term, combining the interests of developers and investors, and formalising the necessary agreements.

DAYA Abogados se integra en Andersen

Con esta integración, Andersen supera los 320 profesionales (abogados y economistas) en España, ampliando capacidades y situando a la Firma entre las primeras del mercado legal en España.

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