Javier Artíñano Rodríguez de Torres

A leading


Since 1991, we have been offering
our clients an outstanding level of
knowledge and experience in
providing legal advice in the different areas of law.

Javier Artíñano Rodríguez de Torres



Established in 1991, DAYA ABOGADOS is one of the leading law firms in the sector. Our goal is quality, offering our customers an outstanding level of knowledge and experience. Our structure enables us to offer our clients a personal touch, always providing our services under the supervision of one of our partners, thus ensuring that each client can count on people of great professional experience to manage their affairs.

We offer practical advice, which allows our clients to make the best decisions at all times, providing detailed information on the alternatives they have in each case, analysing the possible opportunities and their advantages.

The services provided by DAYA ABOGADOS are coordinated for each client by a lawyer from the firm that is responsible for them in a comprehensive way. All our partners have a thorough knowledge of the law, which allows them to understand the specific needs of each client. However, if the matter requires it they may call upon a specialist in a particular legal area.

The growing globalisation of business activities makes it imperative that the advice we provide to clients covers their international activity. The collaboration with law firms in the main countries of Europe and America, enables us to be able to serve our clients with this global perspective.

Our firm is able to offer creative, practical and flexible advice, fully adapted to the specific needs of each situation. Staying in touch with our clients on a regular basis keeps us up-to-date on their needs, thereby maximizing their business results.

This philosophy at our Firm has enabled us to establish solid professional relationships with Spanish companies and multinational groups, and to maintain them over many years.



30 years of legal counsel in the
different areas of law.


A well prepared team means
that we can identify and solve needs
of any magnitude.


Our in-depth knowledge of law
allows us to fully understand
the needs of each client.


A lawyer is placed in charge of each client
under the supervision of the various partners.


A constant objective, and a methodology that
guarantees the highest levels of satisfaction
for our clients.


Discovering opportunities and achieving
the best results.

DAYA Abogados se integra en Andersen

Con esta integración, Andersen supera los 320 profesionales (abogados y economistas) en España, ampliando capacidades y situando a la Firma entre las primeras del mercado legal en España.

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